Sunday Scribble: Stupid Things

There are things which are always going to end in tears, even in normal circumstances. As an example; over 50 year old men with real world and medical 'data input processing to muscle control' balance issues, reaching, stretched out, operating a pair of loppers at arms length, standing on one foot while the other foot… Continue reading Sunday Scribble: Stupid Things


Well, there you go… let’s go on a ramble.

Yes, here we are and there it went, another week passed but filled with the glorious hope that someone was at last going to get some small comeuppance for being a sneering, superior and smug little do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do caught-out liar, only to end in a typical British fizzle of damp squibness. Let's hope someone is brave… Continue reading Well, there you go… let’s go on a ramble.